Well this will be a long one 😀 so ill write it up soon 🙂


In the meantime…

I am a single male 28 years old and live in the Northeast England – but from London originally.

I work with animals and i study Zoology/Animal Science (so i can work with animals, i don’t care for the degree!)

I would love to meet like minded people – i have many many interests and very caring and somewhat shy i guess….love cosmology, space science, ships, horticulture, music ost like Battlestar Galactica, Braveheart, and stuff like Japanese forest and Chinese Bamboo, rock, metal, acoustics, Ambient like silent Hill – bagpipes, tribal drumming, nature mediation recordings,  soft relaxing etc etc etc – i don’t listen to all the drum & bass, rave stuff!

I love riding my Mountain Bike in the woods, gardening, animal keeping, ponds, architecture, culture, history, and of course everything this blog represents….

My avatar is me from 3 + years ago with my Arthur (Monitor Lizard since passed 😦 (LOVE YOU ARTHUR) in the right corner.

I have neck-length hair too!

I will upload some pics of me for you to mull over and laugh at! and ill write up this page in a few days from now in a more comprehensive fashion and i will talk about the things i believe in and why.

I feel so pleased you visited my Blog! – go to the ‘SHARE your STUFF’ page to link your own blog if you have one or website…or music or video or picture you would like to show others! …literally anything you like (within reason, of course!!)

Enjoy your morning/evening 🙂



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