Media – ”Books + Music”


Here i will upload some interesting Books in PDF format covering a range of subjects and at varying levels of study. And Music, Pictures and other Related Items 🙂


I will also upload Music albums and mixes i will compile in a range of styles to compliment the high intelligence and emotional levels of you all.  For example, some Chakra Meditation talk-throughs by Brenda Stranger who has a beautiful, intimate voice.  And other thematics like OST Soundtracks and lovely Nature  tracks (Hand picked 😉 ) – and lots more.  I will describe and list the contents of each album compilation or simply a full record with links to reviews if available.

The books are PDF format, and the music will be in .RAR

(easy to manage and upload formats)

Download Adobe PDF Reader (Free Official Version) Here –>


Download WINRAR (or 7Zip) (Official Free Versions) here –>


BOOK SUBJECTS: – > (Examples)

Cosmology and Astrology Full editions and Encyclopedias.

Animal Science, Horticulture and Ecology Full Editions.

Zoology, Anthropology, Geology, Physics – (all Related sciences for further reading)

Healing, Meditation Guides + Related.

World Conspiracy (Many Types)

Spirituality and Esoterics.

Human Behaviour and Study.

Survival and Related.

…and everything from ‘sleep guides’ to ‘hollow Earth’.

I have over 1,500 Hand Picked Books so any requests, i probably have it.


Music – (List Soon)


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