Seeing as i still haven’t uploaded anything, i thought i would let you have a say in what you feel we need to converse on, deliberate, or just moan about 😀

Fell free to suggest anything!

(As long as it don’t involve me painting my face green and talking like Treebeard after 5 pints 😉 )



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  1. pixiepickle said,

    July 14, 2009 at 3:53 AM

    I have a few suggestions…

    When discussing animals and nature for instance, I feel we should touch on how humanity has systematically corroded other life species, animals, trees, plant life etc. and how it is justified today.

    Good example, I have an acquiantince that feels its our humanly duty to go out here and shoot deer because they are supposed to be overpopulated – in my view and vision, we have over-populated THEIR habitat and I cannot fathom the same mindset of this person. In fact, we debated passionately back & forth about it and could not see eye to eye.

    It would be most excellent if we can touch on these areas and research what we can all do collectively to challenge these obstacles so that we are all happy and content, these and other issues is a major concern to me.

    Fortunately, you have extensive knowledge of these sort of things so maybe you can shed light on this?!

    I used to term these actions that this person is promoting (they called it controlling the deer population) as ‘playing god’ but see its backward. ‘Playing god’ should be caring and protecting our fellow creatures, not the contrary.

    Okay rant over, I am done for the moment….

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